Friday, August 13, 2010


Another very sweet person, one of the sweetest I know, with a delightful twinkle in his eye, is David, a British guy who is now living in Russia. Behind the twinkle and the sweetness is one amazing brain. David loves to stay busy with a vast variety of creative projects. Music, woodworking, game design, computer programming are just a few of his passions. He has songs to write and performances to produce and instruments to repair and games he is in the process of creating. He talks fast and is never, ever not smiling (except perhaps when there is a contrabass clarinet in his mouth.) David is also the instigator of the funny moments on stage at DJSS, such as the free jazz performance featuring someone blowing across beer bottles and making strange sounds with a ukulele. David was in my week 2 ensemble and also played a couple of my tunes with me – a jazz version of Danny Boy, which was written for an Irishman named David, and Deux Chapeaux, which I wrote for him. When I asked David to play, his answer was “definitely yes,” which always makes me happy. In fact, David always makes me happy!

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