Friday, August 13, 2010


A French guitar player from Paris who I’ve known each of the summers I have been to DJSS, Claude melted my heart the first year with his touching performance of No More Blues. His playing is always heartfelt, and when he’s not on stage, he likes to tell little jokes and giggle. I found out this year that he is a great swing dancer, too. In the middle of the first week, the music revved up during the evening, so the chateau staff took the hint and removed the tables so we could have a dance floor. Claude grabbed me and started doing his moves – twirling me and spinning me and quietly teaching me that all I have to do is follow and everything will work. Breathe, let go and let him spin me again. This time, I was the one smiling and giggling. Claude and I enjoy playing together – we were in the same large group during week one, and he also played some of my tunes with me. When we were saying good-bye, he told me how much he likes the sensitivity of my playing and my compositions. A nice thing to hear from a sweet, sensitive person!

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