Friday, August 13, 2010

Alan and Suzanne

Hee Hee Hee says Alan, every time he wins a point in ping pong. With his lilting Scottish accent, it’s easy to forgive him for his mean streak. Alan was in my large ensemble during week 2, and also played bass with me on many of the performances of my tunes during that week. My favorite moment with him was hearing the “Scottish scat” that can forth from his lips during a group session where we were asked to sing an improvisation.

Alan is with Suzanne, who plays flute and sax, and smiles and laughs all the time (except when she is concentrating on ping pong.) She is the most ruthless competitor – I can’t even come close to beating her. We had a nice moment talking about our children and our work (which rarely happens in Monteton – usually the conversations are about music, music, music or silly thing.) Suzanne was also in my large group and played my down and dirty “B-3 Blues” with me.

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