Friday, August 10, 2012

I Didn’t Know It, But He Was a Poet

The great thing about traveling alone is meeting interesting people that you may not have talked to if you were with a companion. My next leg of the journey was to visit my 8-yr-old friend and piano student Aimee, who lives in the charming village of Valbonne, in the hills above Antibes, which is right on the Mediterranean coast.

But first, another 4-hour train ride, and this time, a smiling gentleman named Jean-Luc sat in the seat beside me. I never know exactly how to start the conversation, except to say the unexciting line of “do you speak English?” Which is what I said. It turns out that he was heading home after a poetry conference, where he was one of the presenters. (He told me this in English.) We had a wonderful conversation, talking about music, mainly. He said something about good music and good poetry connecting our hearts with our minds (except he said it even better, because he is a poet.)

If you read French and would like to read his writings:

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