Friday, August 10, 2012

Christian brings (even more) magic to Monteton

Last year, I met Christian, a jazz pianist from London preparing for his final year of college. We only had a couple of hours together, because he had just arrived for week 2, and my week was ending that night. But he seemed fascinated about my compositions, and I love to talk music talk, so we found a practice room where I could play and tell the stories behind the music. He was one of the best audiences I have ever had, listening and responding with great enthusiasm!

This year, he was back, now a graduate, and now, one of the teaching assistants at the school. He said that our conversation last year inspired him so much that he had been writing all year. Several of his innovative tunes were played during the week, too. Oh, and he’s a magician by trade. I’m hoping that he can magically transport me back to Monteton real soon!

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