Friday, July 23, 2010

Back to Monteton

I feel like I've been waiting all year to say - I'm leaving for France today! Back to the Dordogne Jazz Summer School in Monteton. My jazz earrings are packed (thanks, Cynthia!) so that means I'm officially ready. We will be living and breathing jazz, rehearsing during the day and performing each night. I've written a new batch of tunes to present, and can't wait to play them with the wonderful people there who come from all over the world. Many stories will follow!


  1. Becky: I've been praying for your travel to be safe, smooth, with on-time connections and people to show up where and when you need them to enable your timely arrival at Monteton. Also, I'm praying that the Holy Spirit envelops you and fills you with Her incredible creativity -- the same creativity that went into fashioning our incredible universe.
    Elizabeth Bowman

  2. Elizabeth, you are so kind. There were so many scary moments in the travels, every plane and train was late, but somehow, I got there and back and had a fantastic time! Can't wait to tell you more!